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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Latest Porsche Cayenne by Mansory

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Swiss tuners Mansory, the Porsche specialists, have just developed a complete upgrade package for the Cayenne. Although the body kit won’t transform your Porsche into a Chopster, the upgraded bumpers and other body panels will make it look pretty mean. Mansory also upgrades the suspension and the engine, the latter now produces 600 HP.

TOV's March 2009 Desktop Calendar features the S2000 GT Edition 100

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For this month's desktop calendar, Neal commemorates Honda UK's special limited edition S2000 GT Edition 100. If you think this car looks exactly like the S2000 Ultimate Edition that was announced by Honda's European press arm, then we're with you. Here are some of the details of the S2000 GT Edition 100, as told by Honda's UK PR group:


Only 100 of the special edition roadsters will be sold in the UK, as the name, Edition 100, suggests. It will retain its highly acclaimed 2.0 litre 9000rpm VTEC engine and combines it with a Grand Prix White body and graphite effect alloy wheels. The new paint job evokes memories of Honda’s first F1 car from 1964 as well as many sporting models since. The exterior colour, dark metal alloy wheels and a unique black S2000 badge give the timeless roadster a fresh look.