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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

2015 McLaren 650S (8/8)

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I think somebody owes me 5 dollars. McLaren has dropped the official details on its upcoming 650S reveal at Geneva , and just as I predicted, it is essentially a hotted up version of the McLaren 12C not the upcoming P15. Just as expected, that 650 in the name stands for the amount of power produced by the engine. Since McLaren is a UK company, they have the power rating of the new 650S rated in Pferdestärke (PS) so the actual U.S. horsepower rating is 641.

The new car features a pretty solid collection of visual upgrades and aerodynamic changes that increase downforce and handling at speed. This isn’t a pure power bump either, as the 650S is designed with several bespoke parts and pieces.

McLaren has kept tight-lipped about the actual performance statistics of the new car, but if it’s siblings are anything to go on, the 650S will best any of its Italian competition with relative ease.

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Laguna Seca Raceway outside Monterey, California is hallowed racing ground. The foggy 2.2-mile stretch of tarmac is arguably one of the most famous tracks on the planet.

Even if they’ve never driven it, most modern motoring enthusiasts are at least somewhat familiar with Laguna Seca. Just hearing the name will conjure images of every one of its 11 turns – most infamously the corkscrew.

While there are dozens of brilliant tracks in the U.S. perhaps none is as infamous and as highly regarded as Laguna Seca.
Perfect, then, that I found myself this week on Laguna Seca Raceway with a car to match its fame: the 2015 Subaru WRX STI.

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