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Friday, October 2, 2009

First Look: Subaru Hybrid Tourer Concept

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Subaru's First Hybrid Drivetrain Powers Tokyo Show Concept Star
September 29, 2009 / By Scott Evans

If there's one automaker that refuses to mess with success, it's Subaru. The quirky Japanese company has stuck to its boxer engines and standard AWD for decades and has carved out a nice niche for itself. As the realities of the 21st century sink in, though, even Subaru must adapt. The Subaru Hybrid Tourer Concept represents the first step.

Though it may appear like an over-stylized, Japanese market Legacy Wagon on the outside, it's what's underneath that counts -- Subaru's first hybrid drivetrain, which combines a pair of electric motors and a lithium-ion battery with the tried-and-true Symmetrical AWD and boxer engine. The pair of electric motors -- one mounted at each axle -- can propel the car at low speeds or assist in acceleration as well as act as generators to recapture braking energy.

Primary power will come from a 2.0L horizontally-opposed, turbocharged and direct-injected four-cylinder engine. Likely a variant of the EJ20, it is the automaker's first direct-injected engine and is said to offer improved fuel efficiency and performance and lower emissions compared with its port-injected counterparts. It is also the first application of Subaru's start/stop technology, which shuts down the engine when the vehicle is stationary. The engine sends power to all four wheels via Subaru's new Lineartronic CVT.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Lexus Presents The New 2010 LS600h Hybrid Car

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Recently Lexus presents the new 2010 LS600h hybrid car At the Frankfurt motor show. Lexus is the famous and most stylish model in this generation its functions is excellent. Lexus has a new ECO form, which modifies the strangle action and recital of the air conditioning system to hold up fuel-efficient driving.

This car produces a maximum 439bhp and 520Nm of torque, giving naught to 62mph acceleration in 6.3 seconds also it has the 5.0-litre V8 petrol engine capacity this is the fastest running model which runs smooth you can easily go for long driving it has minimum four people seating capacity its wheel also stylish and has smooth tires.

It has include combined cycle fuel economy remains 30.4mpg it obtains 380mm ventilated front disc brakes with six-piston calipers, CO2 emissions are 219g/km.

The new Lexus has LS 600h and long wheelbase LS 600h L full hybrid models revised for 2010 model year, it has New HDD Lexus Navigation System, Automatic headlamp high beam system it also offers you New ECO driving mode with efficiency-adjusted throttle and air conditioning performance and back Seat Relaxation Pack introduce in five-seat configuration. This is such a great car and it is best for driving you anytime go anywhere!

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Spy Shots: BMW 3 Series E92 Coupe Facelift

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It has been a while since we’ve seen spy photos of the upcoming BMW 3 Series E92 facelift and to our surprise, many spy shots popped up today on E90post. The new E92 facelift will include some minor changes to its already gorgeous bodystyle.

Judging by these photos, the headlights will get a different “eyebrow”, similar to what we have seen in the E90 LCI. The LED taillights are different from the current ones, but it’s still hard to tell the exact changes behind the camouflage tape. The front and rear bumpers are being redesigned as well and we have no doubt that they will be even more aggressive.

Now, one thing that has definitely changed and will draw some criticism from the BMW fans, is the side mirror. Compared to the current E92 model, the side mirrors have increased in size, giving the side view a less sleeker look.

What’s even more surprising is the fact that BMW decided to “touch” the interior design as well. Similar to the recently unveiled BMW X1, the heated seats buttons are now located onto the air control panel. Looking at the interior photo below, we can clearly see the “much-loved” perforated steering wheel.

Sources close to BMW spoke to us a few weeks back about some upcoming changes next Spring in the 3 Series line-up and corroborated with the latest rumors, we’re convinced that the new BMW 3 Series E92 facelift will be available in the February-March, 2010 timeframe.

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