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Monday, July 28, 2008

How does an NGV operates?

How does an NGV operate?
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Natural gas vehicles (NGVs) operate similarly to traditional vehicles, but they use natural gas fuel. Natural gas can power existing cars and trucks by converting the engines to a bi-fuel capability. They can run on gasoline or natural gas.

Creating a natural gas vehicle

To convert vehicles to natural gas requires installing a tank, fuel pressure regulators, and fuel lines. NGVs can operate on either natural gas or gasoline for added range. Most systems incorporate an electronic module which adjusts the engine to maintain comparable performance levels with either fuel. Limited production of dedicated natural gas engines and vehicles is under way at motor vehicle manufacturers. Refueling stations use the same natural gas as commercial facilities and residences. These stations can also provide compressed natural gas for quick-fill or time-fill for overnight refueling.

How a Natural Gas Vehicle Works

1. Natural gas is compressed and enters the vehicle through the natural gas fill valve (receptacle).

2. It flows into high-pressure cylinders located in or under the vehicle.

3. In a bi-fuel NGV, a fuel selector on the dash permits selection of natural gas or gasoline. A dedicated NGV operates solely on natural gas.

4. When natural gas is needed by the engine, it leaves the cylinders and passes through the master manual shut-off valve.

5. The gas goes through the high-pressure fuel line and enters the engine compartment.

6. Gas enters the regulator, which reduces pressure from up to 3,600 psi to near atmospheric pressure.

7. The natural gas solenoid valve allows natural gas to pass from the regulator into the gas mixer or natural gas fuel injectors. (Or, it shuts off the natural gas when the engine is not running or when, in the case of a bi-fuel vehicle, gasoline is selected).

8. In a bi-fuel NGV, natural gas mixed with air flows down through the gasoline carburetor or fuel injection system and enters the engine's combustion chambers. In a dedicated NGV, natural gas is injected into the engine's combustion chamber via specially designed natural gas fuel injectors.

9. In a bi-fuel NGV, when the driver selects gasoline, the conventional gasoline system is activated and the natural gas system is automatically shut off.