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Friday, August 15, 2008

Ferrari F90

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Design Sketches and more from Fumia Design
In our forum thread on the Brunei collection, attention has recently focused on the Ferrari F90. New images and details have surfaced that warrant a definitive article.

This project was one of the first Ferraris that was made for the Sultan in 1988. He specially ordered the car from Pininfarina based on the Testarossa. Enrico Fumia was responsible for F90's design which was more outrageous than anything Ferrari would dare produce. As many know, he ordered his cars in bulk and in this case six F90s were made.

For years only one of the F90 studio shots surfaced on a poster. Today, we have more images and details available than ever before. If you want to see everything we have on this one, including a picture of the black F90, have a look at our thread by Bassman.