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Saturday, June 27, 2009

BMW X1 Spy Photos

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We keep promising that the X1 is coming out soon, but it hasn’t happened so far. We expected the official photos to drop prior to the event that took place at the Leipzig factory this past weekend.

Obviously we were a bit wrong, but the latest information out of the rumormill says that within days, the press release will drop on the web and we will FINALLY see or criticize the X1.

In the mean time, we decided to post the last spy photos of the BMW X1 and this time, we will keep our word. As much as we enjoy this game, the photos seem to be the same over and over, just slightly different colors.

With that being said, the fellows at are responsible for bringing these spy shots of a slightly covered silver X1. And once again, we’re confused….can’t decide if we will fall for it or simply hate it. One thing we know for sure, we dig it more than the current X3.

Now with the new redesigned and larger X3 coming out, it will be difficult to chose one or the other, it will most likely come down for us to which one is more efficient. After driving the X5d for over 1,800 miles, we realized that fuel efficiency is an important factor for us and probably for other people as well.Give us an X1 xDrive23d with over 35 MPG and we’re sold on it.

Bottom line, we have no doubt that the BMW X1 has its place in the BMW line-up and it makes sense even more in the European market. A young demographic is what BMW aims for and this might be the key.

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