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Friday, August 21, 2009

Gemaballa releases the Mistrale based on the Porsche Panamera

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The German tuning firm Gemballa has been moodifying Porsches since the early 1980s. They currently have a customization program for almost all of the sports car maker’s models: like the Avalanche based on the 997 Carrera, the Tornado and GT Aero versions of the Cayenne SUV as well as the almighty Mirage GT based on the Carrera GT super car. Well today they have added one more name to the mix, Mistrale and it is based on the automaker’s latest four door sensation, the Panamera.

Gemballa goes ahead and practically redesigns the entire exterior of the Panamera in order to create a much more aggressive looking sports sedan filled with all sorts of scoops and other aerodynamic upgrades. The kit includes a redesigned front bumper complete with integrated LED driving lights, hood taken directly from their Cayenne styling department with a pair of long teardrop shaped vents on either side of the bulge, however the tail of the Panaemera is one place where the Gemballa design team spent plenty of time, they not only incorporated an all new rear diffuser into the mix, but also changed the location of the exhaust to exit out through the rear bumper, much like the Carerra GT.

Rounding out the appearance package are a set of 5 spoke alloy wheels which not only improves the looks of the car but also make room for a little extra rubber making this particular Panamera stick to the road even better than the factory version

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