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Monday, August 4, 2008

2009 Honda Accord

By Andrew Avarvarii
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Honda is preparing a new installment of their medium sedan for 2008. Featuring the new "Keen Edge Dynamics" design, the new Accord will offer a brilliant cocktail of comfort and performance. Following the general lines of the Sports 4 concept car, the 2008 Honda Accord is expected to make a real splash in the sport sedan segment, giving serious headaches to all the Mazda 6s and Alfa 159s out there.

Honda has surprised us all with their revolution in the compact segment, when they reinvented the Civic, one of the best selling cars in the world. On many markets, previous Hondas were considered as too conservative and oriented towards a high-aged clientele. Trying to change that optic, Honda came out with something completely new called "Keen Edge Dynamics", a new design philosophy.

The model to benefit from the "Keen Edge Dynamics" was the new Civic, already a massive success, especially with younger buyers. The next vehicle to be “reinvented” in Honda’s new dynamic spirit is the Accord, their medium sedan. A first glimpse of how a future Honda sedan might look like in the context of their design revolution was the Sports 4 concept.

Presented in 2005 at the Tokyo International Motor Show, the Sports 4 is a rather compact sports-sedan with four-wheel drive and a new concept of passenger involvement. Some of the design details featured on the Sports 4 give us an impression of where the design of the next Honda sports sedans is headed.

Our artist has prepared for you a couple of illustrations depicting the new Honda Accord. The proportions are similar to those of the current Accord, but all dimensions have increased a bit, allowing for benefits in terms of interior space. In comparison with the Sports 4 concept, that was rather compact, the new Accord will be larger and roomier. It will offer three seats in the rear, and not two as the concept was

The exterior design contrasts sharp lines with generous surfaces in a low center-of-gravity, low-inertia body. The result is a sports car design that combines sharpness with elegance.

The power plants available for the new Accord are not likely to change much, as this one of the strong points of the Japanese manufacturer, Honda being one the best engine developer in the world. Aside from a four wheel, double-wishbone suspension is expected to continue the best traditions of Honda’s sports cars to deliver exceptional road-holding ability.

It very likely that Honda will offer a new four-wheel drive unit for the Accord. This SH-AWD system will distribute torque between the front and rear wheels within a range of 70:30 and 30:70 in accordance with driver input and driving conditions, while at the same time controlling torque distribution to the two rear wheels within a range of 100:0 and 0:100. The system will continuously vary torque distribution to all four wheels to maintain optimal traction in all conditions, achieving superior driving stability, and handling that responds faithfully to the driver’s command.

A first show of the new Honda Accord is expected for as soon as 2008, the model year tag more probably to be used being that of 2009. Prices are expected to start at $21,000.