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Saturday, August 9, 2008

530-578-P PowerAid Throttle Body Spacer installation instruction

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For 93-97 Honda Accord SOHC, DOHC, VTEC, Non-VTEC, 2.2L

Please refer to a nitrous oxide system manufacturer for proper application for your vehicle.Be sure to follow the manufacture’s instructions & warnings when using

Parts List
(1) Power Plate
(2) Gaskets
(4) 8mm x 60mm Bolts
(4) 8mm Lock Washers
(1) Linkage Plate
(2) 6mm Flat Head Screws
(1) 3/16” Vacuum Fitting
(2) 3/16” Washers

Tools List
12mm Deep Socket
4mm Allen Wrench
Flathead Screwdriver
Phillips Screwdriver
8mm Socket
Nut Driver
Vice Grips

Installation Instructions. Read Me!
2. Disconnect electrical connectors to throttle body & factory intake tube. See Fig#1
3. Using a 10mm socket, remove two bolts holding throttle cable bracket to intake manifold. Retain bolts for later use. See Fig#2
4. Remove throttle cable(s) from throttle body.
5. Using a Phillips screwdriver, loosen hose clamp on factory intake tube & remove tube from throttle body & air box. See Fig#3
6. Remove (4) 12mm nuts from the throttle body. Retain (2) 12mm nuts for later use.
7. Remove throttle body from intake manifold & set aside. Note: leave coolant lines connected to throttle body.
8. Using the two original 12mm nuts or vise grips, remove the four (4) studs from intake manifold. See Fig#4
9. Clean gasket surface of throttle body & intake manifold.
10. Optional: Included in the hardware pack is one 3/16” vacuum line fitting, this may be used for a vacuum gauge. If power ports are
utilized, install necessary fittings before installing spacer on vehicle. Other 1/16” NPT fittings may be installed such as power adders.
Refer to “PowerPort” section on reverse.
11. Install power plate by placing the part number facing the throttle body with one supplied gasket on both sides of the power plate.
(Note: gaskets must be placed in correct orientation to line up with factory air passages.) Ref. A
12. Install the (4) supplied bolts and lock washers in throttle body, tighten evenly. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN. Ref. B
13. Install throttle linkage extender using (2) flat head bolts provided. Note: Some vehicles may require two 3/16 washers between the
intake manifold and throttle linkage extender to provide a flat surface for mounting. See Fig#2
14. Position throttle cable bracket over extender & install using (2) original bolts that were removed earlier. Install throttle cable(s) on
throttle body linkage. See Fig#2
15. Inspect & test throttle linkage for full open & closed travel before driving. Cables may require adjustment-Refer to service manual.
16. Reinstall air intake tube, all electrical connectors & negative battery cable.